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25 Jun

It’s 3:15 AM…in the morning (ick, I think I heard that redundancy a couple too many times). I am in Spokane on a train. I was supposed to catch the train in Idaho at 11:49 PM (at night), but there was a rock slide in northern Montana that messed everything up. So, we were picked up by bus, not train, and bussed to Spokane. At this point I was delirious. I was hearing radios coming from the sketchy crazy deserted historical train station that was closed, but then it sounded like barking dogs. Oh boy, auditory hallucinations. Fun. I was okay with it being closed. It was creepy. There were large cracks in the floors, but the creepiest part was the numbers all over the walls 21, 33, 55, 19, 20, 31, etc. But they weren’t just numbers there was some symbol on the paper with the number. I think there had been a recent massacre, and the numbers were for where the bodies were buried. It was a supernatural force that demolished these people. It came up from the ground, hence the cracks. It was straight out of a movie.

So, we had to wait until 12;30 for our bus to pick us up to take us to catch the train in Spokane. I was grumpy, irritable, hungry, sad, uncomfortable, and a little scared. The train experience, which I was actually excited for, was turning out to be painful…very, very painful. The people on the bus decided to talk about travels to Japan and how they can make sushi at home, and they talked VERY loud. We also had your token smoker with the smoker cough, which was emitted every minute. On a good note, I brought my pillow, so I had a nice soft place to lie my bobbing head. I was out, and didn’t wake up until we got to Spokane an hour and 20 minutes later. The train station in Spokane is where it got good, or should I say worse. I wish I would have had someone to openly commentary with. We’re talking no holds barred commentary. Sleep deprived at 2AM at a train station. There is no normalcy. Oh how I yearned for another like me…nope. 😦 Yikes. I stuck out like a sore thumb…yet again. Seems to be a pattern on my last few vacations. it’s okay. In this situation, I am more than happy to be the odd woman out.

Once we actually got on the train things were a little better. I found a cozy corner where I didn’t have to see, hear or smell anyone. I have taken an ambien and will be drifting very soon. When I get home, everything that is with me will be going straight into the wash, including the bags I was carrying my things in. Germs be-gone.

So, tomorrow night…the most important night, I will be in my comfy cozy bed and sleeping well before I get up at 5AM Saturday for my race. Guess what I will be doing the rest of the weekend? Sleeping. Oh, sleep I miss you so, so much.

Idaho was great! We had rain the first day, but we still went on a trail ride. My horse’s name was Moe. He was a stubborn creature, but hey, I have had stubborn creatures in my life…several at a time at times, so I was used to it.

Actually, the day we arrived, after a 6 hour car ride, I went out for an 8 mile run. One of the hardest runs I have ever run! It was hilly. Not just a little hilly, but constant hilly. The last mile and a half is a significant incline that doesn’t seem to ever stop. It was a killer. I only did it in 70 minutes, which is much less than an 8 minutes mile. I felt like I had run a full marathon! My 12 mile run last week was cupcake compared to this run. Well, her comes some ego rubbing: We were at nearly 3000 ft. elevation (ooh, that explains the sluggishness) and I actually ran 8.8 miles, which is much closer to an 8 minute mile.

Tuesday I ran 40 minutes. I didn’t get to track the mileage. I assume it was around 5 miles.

Wednesday I ran 5.4 (supposed to run 5, oops) in less than an 8 minute mile

Today I ran 3.4 (supposed to run 3, oops) in 7.2 minute mile.

Uh, I say I am ready. I am running faster than I was, although feeling sluggish, and running at a significant elevation increase. The race should be a breeze! Now, I only need to get some sleep. Maybe my neighbor will rub my feet. 🙂

I only have $100 left to my goal, too! It is doable. COME ON!! A few of you can hold off on coffee for a couple days, or beers, or cookies, or whatever you spend your money, and donate it to a good cause. It would really make me happy.

If you get the chance, you should really come check out the race festivities. It is going to be awesome! Great weather, tons of bands, finish in Qwest Field, drinking immediately after the finish.I hear some of the runners will be wearing pasties…;) I would love to have your support.

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