Slow and steady…is NOT going to win the race

16 Jun

I attempted a run on the treadmill last night. I was supposed to run 5 miles, but I barely squeezed out 3.5 miles. I ran at a much slower pace. My ankle wasn’t bothering me, it was under my foot, right below my arch, which makes sense because of how I injured my foot. I hit the rock head on with my foot, which pushed my toes back over stretching my foot and ankle. Mentally, I needed more than 30 minutes of running, but I didn’t want to push it. I was running with a slight limp, definitely favoring my right foot. I was bummed out my foot hurt, but I was even more bummed out I couldn’t do the full 5 miles. This was the first time I hadn’t run the complete mileage I was supposed to. 😦 When I got home, I iced my foot/ankle. Today, it’s a little sore…I am doping myself up with ibuprofen.

I have another 5 miles to run tonight, and I am going to try to do it all. Then, depending how that goes, I will attempt outside tomorrow. I am scared. 😦

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Posted by on June 16, 2010 in Running


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