Welcome, baby Trystan

11 May

I was supposed to run on the track today, but both tracks I went to in West Seattle were being used, and I don’t know of any other ones. 😦 So, I improvised. I was supposed to run 3 x 1 mile on the track, so I picked a spot near my house, and mapped out a mile, making sure there were no stop lights in that mile. I then ran all out for the mile, pretending I was running on the track. It was nothing like the track. I chose a spot with a slight incline, partly because I had to skip a couple of my hill days when I was on vacation. There are NO hills in the South! So, I mixed track running with hills today. My first mile, I did in 6:59 (uphill)! My second mile, I did in 6:17 (downhill)!  And my third mile, I did in 7:00 (uphill half way, downhill half  way). I am blown away by the 6:17 (granted, it was down hill). I did not feel very well after. I am NOT a speed runner. I am definitely, 100% a distance runner. But, if I am going to beat my goal, I have to learn how to pick up the pace a bit. Even though I only ran for a combined total of less than 21 minutes, I felt like I got an incredible workout. I also took Baby H on an hour walk earlier today.

My friend, Dawn, had her baby, Trystan, yesterday. I met him tonight. He is a perfect little angel. He makes Baby H look HUGE! I have been waiting for this little guy to show up, and tonight, he got to meet his Auntie Julie. I am going to be a very present auntie. I am so happy for Dawn, and her little family. Man, so much has happened in the past year…

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Posted by on May 11, 2010 in Children, Running


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