Hello, abs, it’s nice to meet you

10 May

Oooh, boy. Just got home from an 8:30 yoga class. Not my usual time, but I couldn’t make it earlier. I am exhausted. I am relaxed. I am drained, physically and emotionally. My legs are sore from all my running, but I made it through without resting. I don’t have much to report on the class, other than it was not one of my best. My body was tired, so I didn’t push myself as much as I could have.

After class, the instructor asked me if I run. I told her I was training for a half marathon, and she said she can tell I take care of my body. Thanks! My body has made a major transformation in the past few weeks. The fat has melted away, and I am extremely lean. It’s great; it’s what I’ve always wanted, but it’s a little weird, too. I don’t recognize my body. I seriously never thought I could get it this way. I have a long visible vein in each of my biceps, now, and the fat has disappeared from my stomach. Hello, abs, it’s nice to finally meet you.

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Posted by on May 10, 2010 in Running, Yoga


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