Pablo has a new girlfriend

09 May

I went to yoga Friday night (wow, that seems forever ago…busy, busy weekend). I was tired and hungry when I went to class, but class went pretty well. I was pretty pooped by the time I got to Triangle Pose, and thought I was going to have to rest, but I pushed through it, and made it through class without resting. And it was still bright and beautiful when I got out of class! 🙂

I had a 7 mile run today. I ran it down at the beach. WOW, it was PACKED! The run went awesome. I did it in 54:58! That’s under an 8 minute mile. 🙂 Yay.

Pablo has a new girlfriend…her name is Poppy. One of my neighbors has an adorable one year old female Boston Terrier. She and Pablo have met through the fence and sniffed noses many times. Today, however, they met for real, and LOVED each other. They romped around on the grass, and Pablo was so gentle with her. It was great to see him play with a new friend. 🙂 One of my other neighbors has a yellow lab whom Pablo hasn’t met yet. They have barked at each other without really seeing each other. Not sure how they will get along. I have found, however, that if Pablo doesn’t like a dog at first, if I keep him on leash, and introduce them slowly to each other, they end up friends. Pablo currently just doesn’t like some dogs he doesn’t know. But once he gets to know a dog, he is in love. 🙂 

This weekend was the first weekend I really got used to having him at my house, and I figured out a way for us both to get some fun time, both together and separately. It was sad to go home to a Pablo-free house tonight; I was kind of expecting him to be there, and I was looking forward to it. I had to sadly clean up all the doggy stuff, and put it away…until next time.

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