Yoga, I missed you so much

02 May

I went to yoga Friday night for the first time in nearly two weeks. I was in desperate need of it. My head felt clouded, I was lacking any new ideas, and I couldn’t get a hold of my emotions. 90 minutes of yoga changed all this.

I was so happy to see Erika teaching class. After being gone for so long, and for being in the mood I was in, it was very refreshing to see her smiling face. Class was very small; there were probably ten people in class. Friday night class is usually packed! I guess we were all missing out on a party somewhere (oh, how my priorities have changed). The room’s temperature was perfect, and class went quickly. Almost too quickly, actually, I wasn’t ready for it to be over! The warmth of the room, Erika’s soothing voice, and the movement of my body was giving me the peace I was in dire need of.

I pushed myself pretty hard, and I can feel definitely feel it (also from mowing my REALLY long lawn this weekend). I made it through ALMOST all of the standing poses without lying down. At the end, when we came to Tree pose, ,I was extremely light headed. I was wavering back and forth, and quickly got on the floor to lie down before I had to yell, “timber!” I have never gotten like that before. It was overwhelming. Almost like a rush. I made it back up to do both sets of Toe Stand pose:  I felt the rush again when I finished. Luckily, I got a two minute rest in Savasana.

All the floor poses felt amazing. And when class ended? I seriously felt like I could have done another class.  I am counting down the hours until I go to yoga tomorrow night. Maybe I will do back to back classes? That’s crazy talk, I know.

I had an 8 mile run today, which finished up week 4 of training. I am more than 1/3 of the way done! I ran down at the beach, and even though the wind picked up for a little bit, it didn’t rain at all, and most of the run the winds were calm-ish. I ran 8 miles in 66 minutes, and I am so glad it went okay! My 8 mile run in my last training, I had major IT band problems, and ran in pain. No pain today. A little tightness in my groin, but nothing debilitating by any means. I have yoga to thank for that.

After my run, I prepared for a dog party. Pablo celebrated his birthday with me (and his human friends, people puppies, and doggy friends). Pablo, and his two boy dog friends, had us all laughing pretty hard: first we tried to get a picture with all of them wearing their party hats (that was impossible), then they all decided to hump each other…remember, they’re all boys, and they’re fixed (and they’re all very close in age)! My abs hurt. 🙂

Pablo had a great afternoon, and he was a very good boy.

Birthday boy:

Pablo’s new friend, Knox (a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback):

And Pablo’s best buddy, Carusso (an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix…who is less than 2 weeks older than Pablo!):


And all tuckered out:

**I watched, “Must Love Dogs” with Pablo. We both enjoyed it very much.”

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