Parasitic Mistletoe

25 Apr

Today I got up EARLY. Well, early for vacation. I had to run before we left for Jekyll Island since there wouldn’t be any time later. It was gray and muggy, and I was half asleep for my run. It was a short one…just three miles. I was soaked when I got back to the hotel, both from sweat and rain. It started to rain about halfway through my run.

After breakfast, we headed south for Jekyll Island, GA. It was stormy! I don’t know if y’all (look, the south is affecting me) heard about the tornado in Mississippi, but apparently the storm we felt today was the tip of the storm they had in Mississippi. It was nasty all day. On our way to Jekyll Island, we stopped in Midway, and went into Midway Church, built in 1756, burned during the American Revolution, and rebuilt in 1792.   

We then stopped at the smallest church in America, in South Newport, GA: It is still an active chapel. It was built in 1950, measures 10 ft x 15 ft,  has room for 13 people,  a shrimpy pulpit, pews and a stained glass window.

Before we got to Jekyll Island, we stopped in St. Simons Island. It is a true beach community. It measures 12 miles long, by 2 1/2 miles wide. Unfortunately, the weather was still pretty bad, so we didn’t go down to the beach.

We finally arrived in Jekyll Island, and went to dinner at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. The hotel is BEAUTIFUL! Dinner was pretty good.

Tomorrow we go on a tour of Jekyll Island. I will be curious to see where we go, since I feel like all Jekyll Island is made up of is the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. We shall see…

** Trivia for the day: Mistletoe is found in live oak trees, and is actually a parasite.**

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