Deep in the South of Savannah

25 Apr


(Saturday) We woke to cloudy skies and drizzle, and MUCH cooler temperatures, which was just fine for our morning tour of downtown Savannah, Georgia’s oldest city. The city is quite beautiful filled with beautiful gardens. The downtown area is made up of many squares (,_Georgia) because of the grid system of the streets.

We went inside St. John the Baptist church. It is BEAUTIFUL. 

We then went inside the Andrew Low house: 

We drove along River Street, which runs parallel to the Savannah river. On St. Patrick’s Day, you will find the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the nation, and Savannah’s largest celebration: We were able to experience “Fine Arts on the River” while we were in town. 

After our guided tour  of the city, we walked around River Street, got some ice cream, and then I walked back to the hotel to go for my run. I am supposed to do my long run Sunday, but our day is very busy, and I won’t have time, so I switched my Saturday and Sunday runs. I mapped out a 6 mile run, and headed out, not really knowing where I was going. I wanted to go for my run before it got too hot, and I picked a perfect time to run. It was about 70 degrees, and drizzling. It felt wonderful. I ran downtown, and through Forsyth Park, where 100’s of artists had claimed a section of sidewalk to create art directly on the sidewalk with pastels, chalk, etc. There was live music and a lot of people. And, the park is beautiful, too!  I kept running, with slight concern about where I may end up. I was in a strange city, felt (and looked) like a foreigner, and really didn’t want to run through any shady neighborhoods. Everything ended up being okay, and my run was great! One of the best runs I have ever had, actually! I had a lot of energy, and the drizzle felt really good.

When I got back to the hotel, I went for a swim and a soak in the hot tub, which felt really, really good.

For dinner, we went to Pirate’s House. It was built in 1753, and connected to the restaurant, is the oldest house in Savannah, built in 1734. I had salmon, which came with a green salad and biscuits. It was okay. At the end of dinner, I struck up a conversation with a 70 year old woman. The conversation was just what I needed: it was eye opening, validating, and an ego boost. I told her about my life, my goals, my hopes and dreams, and she complimented me and told me she commends me for working with children and being so passionate about it; it is admirable, and rare to find. She said I was… “quite a catch.” 🙂 It was absolutely wonderful speaking with her.

After dinner, which was finished quite early, I decided I wanted to go out downtown. It was Saturday night, and I was in Savannah! The city was busy! We went down to River Street, where we sat outside at Rocks on River Street, and had dessert and beer. AMAZING apple pie!  It is part of the Bohemian Hotel. It was a great place to people watch, and it was right on the river. There was also a fireworks display! They do it every Saturday night. It was incredible! After dessert, we walked along river street, which is filled with bars. It was crazy to see people walk out of the bars with their drinks in hands! There was live music in a lot of the bars, and we stopped at one bar to listen to one of the bands. We then walked a little more, and MORE live music! There was another band playing across the street (closest to the river), and there were beer gardens, and art stands set up, and a LOT of people having a great time. The band was playing Carolina beach music. We hung out there for a while.

Savannah reminds me a lot of what I picture New Orleans being like. It definitely feels like I am in the deep south, where Charleston feels more east-coast like. Actually, Charleston feels more European. When we had dinner at Muse, I felt like I was in Europe! Both cities are very different, yet they have tons of history and character. It’s hard to pick which one I like better. I would need to spend more time in each city.

Tomorrow we head to Jekyll Island. Get ready for your history lesson…

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