Saved by the bell

24 Apr

(This was my day yesterday).

We got up early this morning for our trip south to Savannah. On the way, we stopped in Beaufort, SC. Beaufort (pronounced Byoofort, like beautiful) is a VERY small town (13,000 people). When we got there we kind of wondered why we stopped in this town, but once we went on a carriage ride, and learned the history, we understood the appeal of this small town. First off, many, many films were filmed in Beaufort: Prince of Tides, Forrest Gump, Forces of Nature, Rules of Engagement, Jungle Book, White Squall, Something to Talk About, The Legend of Bagger Vance, GI Jane, and The Last Dance.

We drove by a cemetary, and our tour guide gave us a bit of history of it. Back in the 1800’s, there was yellow fever. People got sick, and slipped into comas. Back then, no one knew what a coma was. They thought they were dead, so they buried them. They noticed a lot of the coffins had scratch marks on the inside, and realized they were burying people alive! So, before they buried anyone, they tied a piece of string to their finger with a bell on the end that stayed above ground. They then had someone sit by their grave site for two weeks. If they heard the bell, then obviously the person was still alive, and they would dig up the grave. This is where the term, “saved by the bell”, came from. And, the person who watched the grave site? He was on “graveyard shift.”

We saw a lot of beautiful homes, and amazing trees. There are live oaks everywhere. They call them “live” oaks because they never “die.” They drop leaves, and remain green year round. We saw one live oak, which is 800 years old! A lot of these live oaks are covered with Spanish moss. It’s actually not moss, it’s an air plant, an angiosperm.

The highlight of our tour, for me, was our mode of transportation, Gilbert. Gilbert is a horse. And he was adorable. As soon as I got on the carriage, I wondered if Gilbert enjoyed his job. My question was quickly answered by our tour guide. She said Gilbert lives a very good life. He works three days a week, eats 20 pounds a feed/day, and numerous carrots. He never works two days in a row. He will retire in five years and live the remainder of his life in a lush pasture. They will never sell him. Our tour guide told us Gilbert is the only man in her life, and she shares all the snacks she has each day with him. Some of his favorites are: Coke, Gatorade, Salt and Vinegar potato chips, and ice cream. Hearing all this made me happy. 🙂

After our carriage ride, we had lunch on the waterfront at Luther’s. We sat outside, and the breeze was very refreshing. It was warm today.

We arrived in Savannah about an hour later, and it was HOT! We checked into our hotel, walked around for a bit, and then got ready for dinner. (No running for me today. It was my day off. I did check out the Bikram Yoga studio, but I missed the last class of the day).

We went to dinner at Lady and Sons. It’s Paula Deen’s restaurant, for all you Food Network groupies. It was true Southern cooking: collard greens, fried chicken, creamed corn, how cakes (it’s a pancake made with corn meal), biscuits, country fried steak, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas. Honestly, the food was okay. We did the buffet (which had all the mentioned food), and I liked the mashed potatoes and the how cake the best! The mac and cheese was NO comparison to my homemade mac and cheese. For dessert I had a piece of gooey chocolate chip butter cake, but by the time dessert came, I was so stuffed I could barely taste it. I think it was good?

One interesting thing to note about Savannah. There are no open container laws. Everyone was walking the streets carrying their drinks.

Tomorrow morning we do a tour of downtown Savannah. Stay tuned for my commentary!

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