Sassy or slutty?

22 Apr

I had weird sleep again last night. I fell right to sleep, then woke up 20 minutes later, started thinking about anything and everything, and could not fall back to sleep. It was very frustrating. Maybe my body thought I was only lying down for a nap? (because it’s used to Seattle time still) I was exhausted, yet I could not shut my mind off. I FINALLY fell asleep an hour and a half later, and when it came time to get up this morning to go on the tour of some plantations and gardens, I couldn’t do it. 😦 I needed my sleep. So, I fell right back to sleep and slept until 10:45! Wow. I needed that. I felt SO much better.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Cloudless skies, and low 70’s already. I got out of bed, and because I had missed breakfast, I went hunting for a Starbucks (I gave up caffeine a while back, but I am back on it…small amounts). I wanted to find this cute Starbucks we had passed a couple of times. It’s in a cute white brick house. I couldn’t find it. I went up and down the streets by our hotel, but I could not find it. After walking for 30 minutes, I gave up. So, I found one on King St, the main street downtown. I grabbed a coffee and a scone, and walked leisurely back to the hotel, planning my day in my head.

I headed out for an easy 3 mile run. I felt SO much better than I did yesterday. I actually had spring in my step. 🙂 The run went well, and when I got back to the hotel, I changed into my bikini and headed down to the pool. It was a perfect day to lounge around by the pool.

After about an hour by the pool, I started craving a smoothie, so I googled smoothie places in Charleston, and found one about a mile away: Planet Smoothie I got a yummy peach, berry, banana smoothie with protein powder and walked back to the pool. There were a lot of young people by the pool: I met some interesting people from Nashville and some very nice people from Baltimore. They were here for work and for a wedding, respectively. There are a lot of people here for weddings, actually.

I lounged around the pool and went swimming. I was out about 4 hours, and I got myself a tan! Yipppeee! No more pasty white Seattle skin. 🙂 (I went and bought some sunscreen before I went down to the pool).

For dinner, we went to Coast It was an impressive seafood restaurant with an incredible menu. You must check it out: It had fish I had never heard of! We had a crab cake appetizer, I had an old-fashioned tossed salad with lemon vinaigrette, and the swordfish special. I hadn’t had swordfish in years! It used to be my favorite fish due to its steak-like texture (similar to ahi). Everything was delicious. I also had a Warsteiner. It’s a German non-alcoholic beer, which tasted like the real thing. 🙂

For dessert we stopped into a gelato place after dinner. All the flavors were a little too exotic for my taste, so I had a piece of marzipan shaped like a peach. 🙂 For those of you who don’t know what marzipan is: You either love marzipan, or you hate it. It has a very unique flavor, which I love!

Although I didn’t do much touring of the city today, I had a much-needed restful day and enjoyed my quiet time. We are off to Savannah tomorrow, which is known as “Charleston’s Sassy little sister.” Well, our tour guide said, “sassy”, but I found “slutty” on the internet. So, tomorrow we go to “Charleston’s SLUTTY little sister.” I can’t wait! 🙂

**I forgot to mention something about Charleston: There are a LOT of churches. Charleston is often referred to as “The Holy City.” It seems like there is one on every block. It was one of the few cities in the original thirteen colonies to provide religious tolerance, although restricted to non-catholics. Charleston alone, has three synagogues.**

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