Hello, Charleston

20 Apr

Here I am in Charleston, SC. It was a pretty easy day of travel, considering I have been up since 2AM. Yup, set my alarm for 2AM. That blows my 5AM wake up call for yoga Friday completely out of the water. I managed to get three solid hours of sleep, after I spent my evening at yoga and packing. I had to pull out all my summer clothes! 🙂

Yoga was really tough last night. The room was uber-hot. It was a warm, semi-muggy day outside, which led to an exceptionally hot, muggy day in the yoga studio. Not only was it hot, but I also was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and I had suffered an emotional hurricane minutes before stepping into class, BUT I am okay now, and I even started feeling much better as class progressed. I had to rest a couple of times, which I haven’t had to do in a while, but I made it through, even with some notable improvements.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching: My head is going to be on the floor VERY soon.

Standing Separate Leg to Knee: I kept my hands in prayer position the entire time, and I was able to straighten my leg completely when coming out the posture.

All the floor poses felt really, really good. My back was sore, so it felt amazing to stretch it out. I got a, “Beautiful, Julie” for my Rabbit Pose: It felt beautiful! And really good.

I could feel my 7 mile run, for sure, especially in the second part of Awkward Pose (coming up high on my toes):

My entire upper body was still a little sore, too. NOTHING compared to how it was over the weekend, however. I could barely lift my arms Saturday! Climbing for the first time in nearly a month, and then yoga the following morning, crushed my upper body…in a good way. It felt really good. 🙂

Unless I find a Bikram Yoga studio down here in the South, I won’t be going again for over a week. You never know, I might hunt one down. 😉

More about my day of travel: The 2AM wake up call was sinking in pretty badly by the time we got to the airport for our 6AM flight. I took some sleepytime medicine 🙂 and I was asleep as soon as the plane took off. I slept the entire 4.25 hour flight into Atlanta. 🙂 We had a quick layover, and then had a short hour flight to Charleston. I love the accents here! Everyone says, “Ma’am.” (although, for those of you who know me I prefer Miss, but maybe this trip will change my mind).

After we got settled into our beautiful room, I headed out for a run. I was not really sure where I was headed, I just ran.  As you can see, Charleston is surrounded by water, so the run was very pretty. But the water wasn’t the highlight. As I ran along E Battery St, the homes were breathtaking. Huge mansions with immaculate grounds. The gardens were pristine and the homes just screamed of money. There was so much to look at, I wish I would have been walking. Also, the sidewalks were cobblestone-like, and quite difficult so I had to pay attention to my footing.

The run was eclectic, to say the least. The run started off downtown through the city streets, then on to the massive houses, then 10 minutes later I was running through the projects, then 10 minutes after that I noticed a LOT of young people walking the streets. I felt like I was running through a college! Sure enough, it was…College of Charleston. Then I was back in the city…and a little lost. The streets were a little confusing to me, but I figured it out and made it back to my hotel. I ran 40 minutes. A little longer than I had planned, but it was a great run. It was in the upper 60’s, and there was so much to look at! Charleston is a beautiful city, and everyone is so nice. I had more people say hi to me on my run, than I ever have.

I got back to the room, showered, and then we went to dinner: Hank’s. It was superb! After a month of eating frozen dinners, Hank’s was a nice treat. I ordered a tossed house salad, and roasted salmon. The salad was perfect, and the salmon? THE best piece of salmon I have ever had. It was like butter. Delicious! I ordered  creme brulee, which was, again, the best I have ever had. The meal was amazing! If you ever visit Charleston, you MUST go to Hank’s.

Our walk back to the hotel was nice. We passed a fire station that was…here we go again…the cutest fire station I have ever seen. It was brick, and three firemen were hanging out front with a (fake) dalmatian sleeping on a dog bed.

Right across the street from our hotel is an adorable restaurant that we might try. Muse Restaurant and Wine Bar:  (I’ll have to get a picture of the outside. It is great).

So, off to bed I go. It’s 11:00 here, and I have a full day of sightseeing tomorrow. Until tomorrow, Seattle, this is Charleston saying, “Goodnight, and sweet dreams.”

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