Eight dry months

18 Apr

Today was BEAUTIFUL! Summer really is just right around the corner! ūüôā I managed to get burned…really burned on my back and neck, actually. I didn’t think it was that sunny and that the sun was that hot yet, but I guess it is. Ouch. ūüė¶

Week 2 of training…complete! It’s going great so far. I had a really busy weekend, but I had my priority: running, which I managed to fit in just fine…even a 7 mile run today. It was a piece of cake! I did it in a little under an hour, which is not as fast as my 8 minute mile pace for the 5 mile run, but that is okay. I took it easy since it was my longest run yet.¬†I begin week 3 tomorrow (well, actually Tuesday since tomorrow is my day off/yoga day).¬†All my week¬†three runs will be run¬†out of town. I am leaving early Tuesday morning for an¬†eight day¬†vacation to the South: Charleston, S.C., and Savannah, GA. I have never been before. It is HOT over there right now. 80’s and sunny! Yipppeeee!! I haven’t thought too much about the vacation since my life has been a whirlwind, but I have started to think about it the past couple days, and it really couldn’t be coming at a better time. I need (and deserve) some down time away from all the responsibility and stress of home. Hopefully this vacation will be a chance for me to relax, unwind, and enjoy visiting a new part of the country. I will miss the children I care for, and my dog (who will turn 2 while I am away, and this makes me very sad), and yoga, and some¬†other things.¬†¬†But I will soon¬†return…return back to the chaos (not necessarily a horrible thing)¬†of my life. ūüôā

Oh,¬†and today is the 8 month mark. It has been an¬†entire 8¬†months since I have tasted a sip of alcohol.¬† It has gone by really fast, and it’s strange to me it’s been that long. Do I miss it? Not really.¬†Nothing good has resulted lately¬†with the consumption of alcohol, and¬†I just don’t want to be a part of it¬†at this particular point in my life. I have made myself a commitment, and I am fulfilling that commitment. Just like my training, my work, my friendships and relationships. It’s 100%. Heck, I gave up chicken for Lent, and I am still chicken-free…two weeks after I technically could eat it again. It’s really nice being completely clear-headed, AND¬†having rock hard abs. ūüėČ I have no reason to not keep going! The one year mark is right around the corner, and the thought of that fills me with emotion since the day marks more than just a year of sobriety: sadness, happiness, nostalgia, satisfaction, doubt, confusion, and fear. But, most of all, I am proud of myself. Proud I have made this commitment to myself and stuck with it, and proud of the person I have become because of it.

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Posted by on April 18, 2010 in Happiness, Running, Travel


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