I need my fix!

13 Apr

Wow! Wow! Wow! Last night’s yoga class was THE most intense one yet. It had been a week…again…since I had last gone, and I was SO looking forward to it. I have been running five days/week, and that makes me feel really good, but yoga gives me something entirely different. I can’t explain it. And tonight’s class, especially, gave me exactly what I was craving. Man, I sound like an addict itching for her next fix! Well, I guess it IS similar. What I felt tonight was euphoria. It was incredible.

Liz came to class again. The room didn’t feel as hot as the past few classes, but I was dripping with sweat nearly immediately. I pushed myself harder than I have pushed myself. If I am only going once/week, I need to make the most of the 90 minutes! Also, since I am getting a regular lower body workout with running, I want to ensure I am using my upper body, too. And boy, did I work hard tonight. I saw improvement in nearly every single posture. I didn’t have to rest once. I felt really, really strong. I could feel my six-mile run in most of the standing poses, but I didn’t let that get in my way. I am SORE today…all over body sore. It feels like I spent either an hour lifting weights, or had an intense climbing session. My upper body (and my hips and butt) are really, really sore. It feels fabulous.

Some notable improvements:

Standing Bow Pulling Pose:  I held the pose the ENTIRE time! That’s 60 seconds for the first set, and 30 seconds for the second set. AND, I pulled my leg up higher than I have yet. 🙂

Triangle Pose (remember? My least favorite?)I actually got my fingers touching the floor! I NEVER thought I would be able to do that! AND, I did both sets. My left side is significantly weaker, and the second set on that side was a challenge (my hip was burning, and I was shaking) yet I made it through!

I noticed improvement with all the floor poses, but Camel Pose is worth talking about:

 Camel Pose…my favorite. The instructor always talks about how this is the deepest pose…this is the pose we have been warming up the entire class for. This pose may cause a lot of dizziness, nausea, emotion (sadness, anger, some people even cry). None of this has ever happened for me. Today, however, I experienced something new. Camel Pose was actually a little bit of a struggle for me. It was a challenge for me to stay in the pose, yet I did, and pushed my hips as far forward as I could. When I got out of the first set, and rolled over on my back for Savasana, I felt high. I felt this amazing euphoric feeling, and an intense feeling of relaxation. It was incredible. I was excited to do a second set to capture this feeling again. So, into the second set I went, and pushed myself even further. When I got out of the pose, I felt an enormous amount of dizziness. If I was standing up, I surely would have passed out. It was so intense that, even though I was on my knees, I had to lean forward and put my hands on the floor. It was unreal. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. So, I quickly rolled over to lie on my back. And then WHOOSH, the intense euphoric feeling returned. Wow. Indescribable. All I could think was how excited I was to come back to class to experience this feeling again.

Tonight’s class was unexpected and incredible. What new thing/feeling will I discover next time? I can’t wait to find out! 🙂

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