Week one DONE!

12 Apr

I finished week one of training with a 6 mile run yesterday…the furthest I had run since the half marathon in November. I felt GOOD! I got new shoes, finally (I have been running on the same shoes since Christmas ’08), which made a huge difference. I felt like I could have run forever. I ran about an 8 minute mile, which is very, very fast for training for me. If this is how all my long runs are going to feel, then I am well on my way to crushing my goal of 1:49.59. Yippee!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and we spent it outside ALL day. We being me and Pablo. 🙂 We started our day with a trip to REI so I could get some new running shoes, we then headed to the beach for an hour walk. Pablo turns 2 two in two weeks, and he is having some behavioral issues with certain dogs. We came across two guys with a gorgeous American Bulldog (the best looking one I have ever seen) and an English Bulldog. The American Bulldog was just about Pablo’s age, and Pablo barked, and barked, and barked while the American Bulldog stared calmly at Pablo as if to say, “Dude! What is up with all the noise? Chill out. If you would calm down, we could play!” Nope, Pablo was not having it. Minutes later, a 14 week old English Bulldog walked up, and Pablo and I had to watch longingly (well, I was watching longingly, Pablo was agitated) as all three Bulldogs sniffed one another’s butts. It was quite a cute sight, that would have been even cuter if my ferocious (or, so he thinks) teenage son could play nice. 😦

After our walk, we jumped into my car (top down) and went home to play in the yard. Pablo ripped around the lawn, back and forth, back and forth, playing with a tennis ball. I proceeded to mow the lawn, which didn’t faze him at first, but then he realized he wanted to attack it, which made my job a lot more difficult. I had to put him in many sit/stays, which he did okay with. I finally finished giving the back yard a trim, so my whole lawn looks sharp now. 🙂

Not soon after, Pablo’s best friend Russo came over for a play date. Russo is almost the exact age as Pablo (he turns 2 tomorrow). He is a border collie/australian shepherd mix, and they absolutely ADORE each other. They met in Lincoln Park on Christmas Day, and it was love at first sight. They play awesome together, and I have a perma-grin when I watch them play. They romped around in the yard for about 45 minutes, until poor Pablo was so tired all he could muster up was lying down ON Russo. 🙂

Pablo had a GREAT day, and I enjoyed sharing it with him. We were very sad to say goodbye to each other 😦

No running today, yoga tonight (THANK GOODNESS!!), and tomorrow starts week 2 of my training, which finishes with a 7 mile run on Sunday. I am miraculously managing to fit everything in, yet I still wish I could fit in more yoga. Maybe I will even go climbing this week!!! 🙂

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One response to “Week one DONE!

  1. Annie

    April 12, 2010 at 3:11 pm


    I remember that day in Lincoln Park – they had sooo much fun! 🙂


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