Let the training begin!

05 Apr

Yesterday was the last day of my “pre” training for the half-marathon. I ran 5 miles, and it felt really, really good. I ran down at the beach, so it was windy. It was so windy, that when I had a head wind, it was pushing me so I felt like I wasn’t moving forward at all, and when the wind was at my back, it was nearly lifting me off my feet so I was moving forward effortlessly. It all balanced out. I have a feeling training this time around is going to be a lot easier, and with that, I should be able to get under 1:50.00. Crossing fingers!! 🙂 I start my 12 week training program tomorrow.

Tonight was my first yoga class since last Monday. 😦 I was bummed out I couldn’t go anymore last week. My life is really, really, really busy right now, and it is a challenge fitting everything in. I really hope I am able to fit all my running in, as well as continue to go to yoga twice a week (maybe three times/week some weeks), at least during my training.

The room was really hot tonight. My friend, Liz, came with me, and she did great. It was a really hard class for someone’s first time. She didn’t rest once! I had to. I tried really, really hard to motor through both sets of Triangle Pose, but I was really light headed, and I had to lie down. Poop. 😦

I did, however, see some improvements on some poses tonight:

First of all, I noticed my abs look the best they have EVER looked. My stomach has always been my “problem” area. Not really bad, just the place where I carry my weight. But now? It is really lean, and I can see all those really cool muscles under there. It really makes me feel good. 🙂 I have yoga to thank for that, and also I think nearly eight months without alcohol has helped, too, oh, and running, too, and probably climbing, which I haven’t had the chance to do in quite some time. 😦

In Standing Head to Knee Pose, , I was able to kick my left leg out again, for almost, ALMOST, the entire time.

In Standing Bow Pulling Pose, , I was able to pull my leg up really high, and hold it for nearly the entire time. MUCH higher than the chick-a-dee in the picture here. 😉

That was really the only major improvement I noticed today. I was pretty spent by Triangle Pose. Not only was the room really hot, but I was drained, physically and emotionally. Hopefully yoga helped with the emotional part, which will allow me to get the rest I need tonight, which will help with the physical part. I hope.

**I used the word, “really” a lot in this post. Oops. Can you count how many times? Anybody? I would love to hear from someone!**

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