Pablo, you’re my favorite place

23 Mar

Today was a good day:

Good night sleep.

3.5 mile easy run (I hadn’t run since my California trip)

One hour FREE massage! Yes, free. (I was entered into a drawing for a free one hour massage, and yup, I won!!!) AND, it was one of the best massages I have ever gotten. Not only because it was free, but also the massage therapist, Ann Shafford, was so engaging.

She knew the cause of my stress, and calmly spoke to me while she massaged me (and used hot towels and hot stones…fabulous). She told me to picture my favorite place. You know what immediately popped into my mind? Not a physical place, but my dog, Pablo. The physical place kept on changing: an open grassy field scattered with flowers, and Pablo running around with a huge smile on his face, and me rolling around in the grass laughing while Pablo came up and licked my face. Then we were on the beach, frolicking in the ocean. Then we were on a hike surrounded by waterfalls. It didn’t matter where I was, my favorite place was with Pablo. 🙂 Pablo, my favorite place. It does make me smile whenever I think of him.

After Ann told me to picture my favorite place, she then told me, “good job.” “For what,” I asked. She said I was relaxing enough to enable my muscles to release the stress. My body was creating an exorbitant amount of heat, and the muscles were loosening up right beneath her hands. Wow! I have never had a massage therapist tell me, “good job.” I thought I was the one who was supposed to tell THEM, “good job.” I guess my favorite place (AKA Pablo) has such a calming effect on me that my body was able to do what it so desperately needs. Thank you, Pablo.

Everyone, you should check out Ann Shafford, ActivSpace 3400 Harbor Ave. SW 206.250.1046. She’s GOOOOOOD!!

After my massage, I got to go to my favorite place. How cool is that? I picked up my best friend, Pablo, and we went on a date. It was a great date. He was smiling the whole time, I was smiling the whole time. We were in each other’s favorite place. 🙂

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