Dear Yoga

19 Mar

Dear Bikram Yoga,

Thank you: for allowing my mind to rest. For flushing all the toxins away. For making my skin soft as butter. For creating a stress free life…if only for 90 minutes. For taking away my pain…if only for 90 minutes. For allowing me to be selfish…to focus just on ME! For allowing me to breathe deeply through my nose. For me to believe I am okay. For making me feel strong. For making me feel accomplished. For allowing me to see muscles I never knew existed. For allowing me to look at myself in the mirror, and like what I see. For allowing me to look in the mirror and not feel narcissistic. For being a constant in my life. For making me keep coming to class. For not letting me down. For making me like myself. For making me feel good about myself. For giving me something to look forward to. For just being present.

I am grateful for everything you give me during those 90 minutes, and here’s to hope that the effects will begin to extend into hours, and maybe days.

Thank you, Yoga.

Love, Julie

P.S. I said that the next class I would do BOTH sets of triangle pose. Not only did I do both sets, but the instructor showed me the correct way to do it. I was doing it the wrong way! No wonder I hated it so much. She showed me how to twist my body to the side so my belly button was over my knee. Guess what?? I sank down pretty low. Wow. I gave her a big thank you for that. 🙂

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Posted by on March 19, 2010 in Yoga


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