La La Land

06 Mar

I am on vacation in LA. I cannot remember my last vacation. Let me think. Hmmm…Nope,  can’t remember. The anticipation of coming down released a lot of emotions: 1. Excitement (to get away) 2. Stress (too much to do at home) 3. Anxiety (flying alone) 4. Sadness (miss my puppy) 5. Envy (of people staying in Seattle since the weather is MUCH nicer at home) 6. Happiness (to spend time with my sister). Once I stepped off the plane, safe and sound in California, most of the emotions were washed away and replaced with relief. The plane didn’t crash, I was actually on vacation, I could sleep in, and I got to spend some quality time with my little sis.

I flew in Thursday night, and I am here until Sunday evening. Already I have had an uber-relaxing, fun-filled time. My sister lives in Hermosa Beach, an awesome beach community, which is far enough away from Hollywood to not seem too “LA”, while still maintaining a true Southern California feel.

My first day at the beach consisted of:

1. Sleeping in until 10:30. YESSSSSS!! 🙂

2. Walking to an AMAZING breakfast I had an omelet, which was HUGE. It came with a side of potato au gratin, baguette slices, and a green salad. Delicieux!

3. After breakfast, we walked a couple blocks to Annie’s chiropractor, Dr. Ed. She needed an adjustment. I was imagining waiting in the lobby, but Dr. Ed invited me to the back room to lie on the roller bed while she had her appointment. I had no idea what a roller bed was, but I jumped at the chance! Roller bed sounds great!

It’s basically what it sounds like. It was like a massage. I was on the bed for about 20 minutes, with the intensity turned up HIGH. It felt SO good. Annie came out of her appointment, and Dr. Ed asked me, “Do you want a free adjustment?” Do I want a free adjustment??? Are you kidding me? “Yes! Please! Thank you!” So, I got a much-needed adjustment. Man, my neck and lower back needed that. He said my liver is clean, but I need to meditate more (I am stressed). True, true. I walked out of there feeling inches taller. 🙂

4. We then walked to the Hermosa Farmer’s Market (which Dr. Ed told us about). It was an expansive, very nice outdoor market. We got some satsumas, and some clementines. We then visited the Korean food stand (which Dr. Ed told us to visit) to try some pickled ginger, among other things. We bought some delicious spicy tofu.

5. I had a nice long chat with my old friend Kim, who lives in LA. Unfortunately, she will be in San Diego this weekend, so I won’t be able to see her, but we enjoyed catching up. I also am having lunch with my friend Gwen tomorrow, and my dear, dear friend Osha on Sunday. 🙂

6. We walked back home, then went for a run along the beach. I ran to Manhattan Beach pier, back through Hermosa Beach and to Redondo Beach, then back to Hermosa. It was about 5 miles. It was amazing. I enjoyed looking at all the multi-million dollar houses on the strand and daydreamed about living in them: wake up in the morning, go for a run along the beach, back home to eat breakfast on the deck overlooking the volleyball players on the beach while the sun glistened on the ocean. Ahhhh…nice dream. 🙂

7. After a shower, Annie and I walked to get pedicures: chair massage, foot massage, leg massage, and pretty toes. 🙂

8. Relaxing time at home watching old home movies from our travels to Hawaii. My abs are sore from all the laughing.

9. Out to a nice dinner at Zane’s Annie and I split a house salad and sesame-crusted Ahi with steamed broccoli and sweet potato fries. Yum.

10. Back to Annie’s boyfriend’s to play Buzzword. I kicked ass. 🙂

A perfect first day of my vacation. One more sleep and two more full days. I will enjoy every second…

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