Talk to me, please

26 Feb

I just have to mention first: My dog. My adorable dog, Pablo. My child. My friend. He makes me smile every day. He will be 2 April 25, and still is SO much a puppy. Tonight, he stood outside the shower while I showered. He then sat down right in front of me while I dried my hair. He sat there just looking at me. I really wish he could talk. Was he protecting me? Was he waiting for me to finish so we could play? Was he just enjoying my company? I guess I will never know, but I sure did like having him there. I felt safe and loved. Thanks, Pablo. đŸ™‚

Yoga tonight was a challenge. The most challenging yet. I was dripping with sweat halfway through the first set of the first breathing exercise. It usually takes me at least until the second set to break a sweat. Not tonight, however. I was DRIPPING nearly immediately. I had to lie down after just 15 minutes. I felt yucky. I was light headed and my mouth was dry. My mind started going elsewhere trying to figure out why: Am I getting sick? I did sleep a lot last night, and when I am fighting something off, I tend to sleep more. Am I worn out from climbing last night on top of a run? Am I emotionally drained? Did I not drink enough water? Did I eat too close to class? Did I not eat enough? Is my stress taking a toll physically? What was going on!!?? WHY did I feel so horrible? I was near pass out several times, and had to lie down several times and drink water, too. As I was trying to figure out what was wrong, I started thinking about work, next week, and life in general. I didn’t like it at all. What I like best about yoga, is that I don’t HAVE to think about life. I focus for 90 minutes on ME and the poses. The more I thought about what was wrong and about life, the worse I felt and the more I thought I really wasn’t going to make it through class…that’s how bad I felt.

I then noticed a couple other people who looked uncomfortable: rapid breathing, lying down, bending forward to rest, etc. Then the instructor opened the doors, and a rush of cool air flooded the room. I INSTANTLY felt better! It wasn’t ME! The room was extremely hot tonight! Phew! I am okay. I just wasn’t used to this extreme heat. My body had become accustomed to a certain heat, and after the initial shock (first couple classes), I learned how to manage the heat. But the heat tonight was a shock to my body. Man, if only my body could talk to me, too! It could have said, “Julie, I am sensing an abnormal heat level tonight. Do not be alarmed. YOU are okay.” As soon as I figured out the cause of my struggle tonight, I enjoyed the rest of class, and was able to focus on ME and the poses.

Even though the extreme heat caused some set back tonight, I actually noticed some improvement on a few poses.

In Standing Separate Leg Stretching, , the goal is to get your forehead on the floor. Every time I do it, I think it’s impossible. Since my legs are so long, I have realized I need to space my feet further apart to make this seemingly impossible task possible. So, today, I inched my feet out a little further, and while I didn’t put the head on the floor, I came pretty darn close. So, I guess it is possible, even for us long-legged yoga-goers.

In Wind Removing Pose, , the goal is to touch your knee to your shoulder. A feat which seemed, yet again, impossible when I first started. Tonight, I touched my left knee to my shoulder! I did it! I still have a way to go on my right side, but at least I know it is not impossible. đŸ™‚

Also, with Fixed Firm Pose, , I still am unable to go all the way back, but I have managed to get my butt on the floor, while still touching my heels. I can sit there without too much discomfort. I really want to be able to go all the way back to feel the way the pose is supposed to feel. I feel like I am missing out on something. đŸ˜¦

Although I wish my body could talk to me just as I wish Pablo could, maybe it’s okay that they both don’t. Maybe I am supposed to figure things out on my own, especially with my own body. And with Pablo? He is a dog, and I have learned that as long as he is played with, walked, fed, talked to, and pet, he will forever be my friend, and with a friend like him, no words ever need to be spoken.

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