Day 13-Class 10

03 Feb

I DID IT!!! I actually made it to 10 classes in 14 days (13 actually). My name is JulieG, and I am a BikramYogaholic! Hey, I’ll replace booze with yoga any day. The results already are incredible. Not only am I seeing ab muscles I have never seen before, but also I have increased my flexibility immensely, and I am clear headed and actually able to make my own decisions. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t ache. When I bend over in the shower to shave my legs, I don’t grimace. When I sit down for more than 3o minutes, I don’t get shooting pains in my lower back, I actually believe in myself and my own self worth. I have learned that I am dedicated, committed, persistent, and my body, although in its mid 30’s, can bend like it used to in my teens. I have soft, clear skin (except for some minor heat rash on my torso), and I actually feel like I look younger. All this after only 10 classes, oh how excited am I to see the changes after 6 months of classes! I am excited to mix my new found love with my other loves, running and climbing, as they work together as one, building on each other and bettering each other. Oh, Bikram Yoga, it is SO nice to meet you. Thank you for greeting me so graciously.

So…tonight was the last class in my initial challenge. It was my fifth class in a row. It was an 8:30PM class after I worked a 12 hour day. I was T-I-R-E-D! My muscles were shaky, I felt like a hippopotomous was standing on my chest, and my energy level was at 41%. It was a tough class, but I wasn’t mad at my body. I understood. Bikram Yoga is challenging, and technically I was still a beginner. I had pushed myself very hard the past 13 days, and my body was congratulating me by telling me it was more than ready for a rest. Okay, a rest you will get.

There were some newbies in class tonight, and a couple of them were situated almost directly behind me. I noticed more than once that one of them would watch me to figure out what to do next. It made me feel good. I knew how she felt, as that was me just 13 days ago. 🙂

Nearly every pose was a challenge for me tonight.

My legs shook and quivered during Awkward Pose:

Melissa (the instructor) said it was good to shake. She obviously said this after noticing my shaking limbs. Maybe it’s good, but it was taking a lot out of me tonight.

I could only do one set of Triangle Pose:

I had to lie down the entire second set to catch my breath and tell my body to please not give up.

What’s great about Bikram Yoga, at least in my opinion, is that even if you are exhausted…light headed…sweating profusely, and you think 90 minutes is a really long time to bare the pain, you really only have to get through the first 5o minutes before you get a much needed break.

Dead Body Pose (Savasana):

The Dead Body Pose is a much needed, well deserved pose. It is still a pose…you are supposed to stay focused, and it’s really hard to keep your mind from wandering. But, man, it feels good to have a break. And for me, after the first Savasana, it is smooth(er) sailing. All the poses on the floor are challenging, but they are a nice break from standing on your feet the first 50+ minutes. If you can just make it through the first part, you can make it the full 90 minutes.

I made it through class for the 10th time. I felt relaxed…so relaxed that it was a challenge for me to get out of the last Savasana, roll up my mat, and carry it to the changing area. The walk to my car seemed nearly impossible.

I did it…10 classes in 14 days. Before I began, it seemed brutal, and nearly impossible to fulfill. 15 minutes into the first class, I doubted whether I would be able to succeed. I stuck with it, I gave it a chance, I didn’t back down, and I didn’t give up. I fulfilled my commitment to myself and to my readers. I am thankful I gave my body and mind this incredible opportunity to do something so amazing. Those precious 90 minutes…time where I can be as selfish as I want…where my body and mind work hand in hand to bring me peace and happiness. Bikram Yoga, I thank you, and I look forward to our continued friendship. 🙂

Stay tuned for my next challenge, and in the meantime my progression of Bikram Yoga…

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  1. Charlie

    February 4, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Good Job, babe!


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