Day 12-Class 9

02 Feb

One more class to go! Well, I know there will be many more, but one more class to go in my first 14 days. It has gone very, very quickly.

“Instructor” was teaching class today. Grrr…Oh well. I was greeted with a smile. Even after she saw me run across traffic in the street…not in the crosswalk, and almost get nailed by a Volvo. When I saw her, I honestly thought she was going to reprimand me. She said hello with a smile, however. Okay, I will give her another shot.

I chose a spot up front right next to Instructor. I guess I was ready for the pain. I was a little sore from yesterday. A soreness I haven’t experienced yet. It is in my hips. I am sure it is because I kicked butt yesterday and went deeper in all the poses. Because of my soreness, I didn’t know if today would be as successful. It started off well. I immediately saw improvement even from yesterday in:

Half Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose:

I especially noticed improvement in going backwards. I wasn’t shaking as much. It was also cool to see my abs engage as I went side to side. I am looking forward to getting back to running so I can get rid of the extra layer covering up those new muscles. 🙂

After the first pose, Instructor went around the room to learn the names she didn’t know. She had the unfamiliar names written on a post-it. She asked me mine, and I told her, to which she replied, “Julie G?” Ha. I said, yes, “JulieG.” And the name evolves.

I went deeper in Awkward Pose:

I was able to have my quads parallel to the floor…only because Instructor encouraged me. She then said, “Nice, Julie.” 🙂

Okay…she’s not all that bad. I am realizing she’s not mean, she is just trying to push us because she knows we can do it.

She showed this even more with Triangle Pose:

My feet slip really bad on this, so I stuck my washcloth under one of my feet. It has helped with the slipping. Instructor said, “That’s not going to help you.” And I replied, “It has.” And she said, “I am not going to let you do that in the next set.” Ouch. 😦 She told me I should transfer my weight to my other foot to prevent slipping. I need to strengthen my feet so I don’t slip. Fine. So, I tried it on the next set, and you know what? She was right. Okay, okay. She wants me to improve. I can respect that. And I actually am thankful because she pushed me to do things I haven’t tried yet.

Tree Pose:

This pose is supposed to eventually go into:

Toe Stand Pose:

When you are in Tree Pose, you lean forward, without moving your leg that’s bent, touch your hands on the floor and then sit back, high on your toes, and walk your hands to your sides, on the floor. You eventually want to balance on your toes, without your hands on the floor, as the woman in the picture is doing. I hadn’t tried to go into Toe Stand Pose yet. The instructors have emphasized if you have bad knees, stay in Tree Pose until you feel comfortable going down into Toe Stand Pose. Well, today I looked forward with the intent to try it, but I didn’t really know how. Instructor noticed I was trying, and she said, “Are you scared?” Man, harsh. I said, “I haven’t tried it yet.” So, she walked over and stood next to me and walked me through it. It was HARD! It wasn’t my knees that hurt, but my hips. OUCH! They are going to be sore, sore, sore tomorrow.  I did it on both sides, and Instructor said, “Nice work.” Thanks! Thanks for pushing me…I needed that. 🙂

So, I will continue to push myself. It’s the only way I am going to improve, right? Maybe Instructor is my new favorite…

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Posted by on February 2, 2010 in Yoga


One response to “Day 12-Class 9

  1. Dawn

    February 4, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Tree Pose to Toe Stand… MY FAVE!! Then again, I’m pretty sure my hips are double jointed which would explain why I was able to do so many of those poses right off the bat.


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