Day 8-Day off

30 Jan

I hadn’t been climbing in quite some time, so Charlie and I went climbing instead of going to yoga. We climb at Vertical World in Magnolia (I guess it’s considered Magnolia). I have been a member for about a year, and I have been climbing a little over a year. I always knew I wanted to get into climbing, but not until I met Charlie did I actually do it. I love it. It’s an incredible full-body workout, including the mind. Not only do you use your upper body to pull up all your weight, but you use your mind to figure out the puzzle. It’s a great stress release. Yoga will definitely help with my climbing ability. I feel like I climbed pretty well tonight; I finished a 5.10d, which I have only done a handful of times. A 5.10d is hard. Here is the rating system:

Rock Climbing Rating Systems
USA UK Tech UK Adj French UIAA Australian
5.5 VD
5.6 4a S
5.7 4b HS
5.8 4b VS 5a 6- 16
5.9 5a HVS 5b 6 17
5.10a E1 5c 6+ 18
5.10b 5b 6a 19
5.10c E2 7- 20
5.10d 5c 6b 7 21
5.11a E3 7+ 22
5.11b 6c 23
5.11c 6a E4 8- 24
5.11d 7a 8 25
5.12a E5 8+ 26
5.12b 6b 7b 8 25
5.12c E6 9- 27
5.12d 6c 7c 9 28
5.13a E7 9+ 29
5.13b 8a
5.13c 7a 10- 30
5.13d E8 8b 10 31
5.14a 10+ 32
5.14b 7b 8c
5.14c E9 11- 33
5.14d 7c 9a 11

And if you would like to learn more about rock climbing, please visit:

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