Day 5-Class 4

27 Jan

I am relaxed. I am tired. I feel no stress. I can barely move. I skied today and then I went to yoga.

Charlie and I played hooky today. We went skiing. It was my first day up this season. I am still quite sore from yoga, and oh boy, did I feel it when we were on the mountain. First run down, and my quads were screaming at me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the day. The snow was H-E-A-V-Y. They had gotten about 6 inches of new snow, but the temperature had been hovering around freezing, so it was wet snow. Second run, I felt a little better. Third run I felt a tad bit better. It was more of a workout than it normally would be because of the heavy snow. We went in the back country and I was sweating profusely. “Takeiteasybecauseitsmyfirstdayup” was NOT happening. I wanted to rip my coat and ski pants off and hurl them down the mountain! My lower back ached, my quads were sore, I was sweaty and uncomfortable, and all I wanted to do was go to yoga! Ha.

I did have a good day skiing, even though the snow was like cement. We were able to find some good snow on International, but that was about it. I got a great workout, enjoyed some fresh air and beautiful views from Chair 2 (who can guess where I went skiing? it ain’t no sissy mountain), and had excellent company.

A good day, indeed. Now, off to yoga.

I met Kara at the 4:30 class. I literally got home from skiing, threw my yoga stuff in a bag, and drove to yoga. I had a medium sized bottle of water to drink all day, and hadn’t eaten a lot, but I had to get to class! Another new instructor (I won’t mention her name here) greeted me. No, wait, I wasn’t greeted at all. No smile. No hello. Nothing. 😦

It was a busy class. When “instructor” walked in, she immediately told me to move because I was right in front of her. Oops. Luckily I was able to shift a little to the right.

I knew class was going to be difficult today. Little water+4 hours skiing=tired body. I needed water about 20 minutes in, so, I grabbed my water bottle, just as I had done in the previous 3 classes and went to take a sip, just as I had done in the previous 3 classes (even though it wasn’t technically a “water break.” ) AND I got yelled at! 😦 I was told to hold off on drinking water until the water break. 2 more poses. I was mad. I didn’t want to lie down and take a break, I just wanted some water! Hello! “Instructor!” Did YOU ski all day today?? I don’t think so! Hmmph. (Sorry, venting over). I made it to the water break without dying.

So, all in all class was pretty good considering my intense workout before I went. I noticed improvement in my hamstrings, but, man, my lower back is really sore. 😦 (lots of sad faces today, sorry)

My favorite poses today were:

1.Camel pose

(I feel like I am really, really good at this! I may not be, but I feel as if I am, and that’s all that matters, right?)

2. Rabbit pose

(I feel like I am good at this, too, and ooh, it feels good! It really stretches my spine, neck and lower back).

3. Head to Knee with Stretching Pose

(I put my forehead on my knee today…with my leg straight! I haven’t been able to do that!)

Hmm…all my favorite poses were the ones where I was on the floor. Hey, I was tired today!

Kara did awesome today. I feel like I did pretty awesome. “Instructor” is not awesome.


Posted by on January 27, 2010 in Skiing, Yoga


2 responses to “Day 5-Class 4

  1. Dawn

    January 29, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Camel pose was the WORST for me!! That one made me want to vomit EVERY time! They told me that instead of doing the sit up and going into Camel pose, I should roll over and gradually come up. I guess the reason it always made me nauseous was because of the toxin release. Really makes you feel like there is a benefit to all that stretching, huh??

  2. Julie G

    January 30, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    I still love camel pose! I get light headed every time after I come out of the pose, but it is SO worth it.


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