Day 2-class 2.

23 Jan

I was pretty dang excited to go to class this morning. I was less sore than I thought I would be. I was told it was best to go every day for at least the first three days, so here I go. I was a little concerned, however, because I wasn’t able to drink very much water before class, and I only had a banana, but all was okay. I am not a newbie anymore! Well, I am, but not a BRAND newbie. I knew what to expect, and that made me feel better. I was expecting to see some familiar faces from yesterday, but I didn’t. I did see a neighbor, however. Ha. Erika was the instructor again.

I didn’t need to rest until more than a half hour in! I could tell I was sore from yesterday. Some of the poses were more difficult today: my hamstrings and my lower back were especially sore. I had a LOUD breather to the right of me, who was a little stinky, too.  The most difficult pose for me today was the triangle pose…it’s hard!

My feet were slipping on the mat, which made it even more challenging. I also had a REALLY hard time with Fixed Firm Pose.

My knees didn’t like it at all. I guess I had a pained look on my face because Erika said, “Julie, if it hurts your knees, don’t push yourself. It’s only your second class!” So, I didn’t try to lean back at all. I just sat there, which still hurt my knees. 😦 Erika told us, the poses that are the most difficult, are the ones you need the most. Yup.

My favorite pose today was Standing Separate Leg Stretching: I can’t put my head on the floor…yet, but it felt SO good to be bent over.

The 90 minutes went by pretty quickly, again. I was pooped! When I got home, I stepped on the scale before I got in the shower. I had GAINED four pounds?? I thought you were supposed to LOSE weight from all the sweating? Oh, well. I am not too concerned, as weight loss is not my main goal. I am trying to get rid of the rock garden in my neck. 🙂 We’re going skiing tomorrow, so maybe I can try an 8AM class?? We’ll see…

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Posted by on January 23, 2010 in Yoga


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